Photo of J.R. Slattum


J.R. Slattum is a self-taught artist, his work entering the surreal world of innerspace. After a near-death experience in 2007, inspired by a personal enlightenment, Slattum fell into a world of paint. Using the point of the paintbrush as a focus, he views the process of creating as his meditation. His subjects gravitate towards the inner realms of psychology, philosophy, and the nature of being. Through his art, he invites his viewers to travel within. Working from his studio in Portland, Oregon, his work is collected internationally, thanks to a deep following.

" Art is a doorway, not just a window. You travel into it, bringing back souvenirs "





  • Divine Moment Tattoo; Solo Show - Thauma; Portland, OR; 2017
  • The Hart Gallery; Solo Show - Archaic Revival; Beaverton, OR; 2015
  • The CoproGallery; Roadside Attractions; Santa Monica, CA; 2014
  • The HART Gallery; Solo- Archaic Revival; Portland, OR; 2014
  • The Gallery Zero; Sepsis21; Portland, OR; 2013
  • The Hive Gallery; 8 Year Anniversary Feature; Los Angeles, CA; 2013
  • Float On; Montly Solo; Portland, OR; April 2013
  • Fleeting States; Feature; Portland, OR; December 2012
  • Atrium Gallery; Solo Show- "The Other Side- Chronicles of a Near-Death Experience"; Portland, OR; September 2012
  • St Art Gallery; Feature; Portland, OR; March 2012
  • The Hive; Hard Love; Los Angeles, CA; February 2011
  • The Hive; Tarot Show III; Los Angeles, CA; January 2011
  • The Hive; Feature; Los Angeles, CA; September 2011
  • The Launch Pad; "Portals"; Portland, OR; July 2011
  • "Unnatural Disaster- Japan Benefit"; Los Angeles, CA; June 2011
  • The Refuge; NW Dubcollecive- Live Painting; Portland, OR; April 2011
  • Emerge Oregon; Live Painting; March 2011
  • Atrium Gallery; Showing and Live Painting; Portland, OR; January 2011
  • Sideshow Alley; Lowbrow Gallery; Portland, OR; Winter 2010
  • The Hive; "Hell Vs Monster Mash"; Los Angeles, CA; October 2010
  • Epicenter 2010; JVC Perfect Experience ArtSpace; Fontana, CA; September 2010
  • The Hive; Tall Wall Artist; Los Angeles, CA; September 2010
  • Emerge Oregon; Salem, OR; February 2010
  • Coffe House Cafe; Salem, OR; November 2009
  • The Hive "Tarot Card Show"; Los Angeles, CA October 2009
  • The Hive; Los Angeles, CA; September 2009
  • Cafe Noir; Salem, OR; July 2009
  • The Hive; Los Angeles, CA; June 2009
  • The Black Cherry Tattoo Gallery, Salem; OR; June 2009
  • Syn503 UltraContemporary; Salem, OR; December 2008
  • The Space; Salem, OR; October 2008
  • Mix n Mash Group Show; Salem, OR; October 2008


  • New Art Perspectives; 2nd Place; December 2008
  • MyArtContest.Com; Honorable Mention; July 2008